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Vision & Values
Cultivate Connection
Foster is on a mission to connect the world in a shared art experience. Our ecosystem and social platform channels serve to connect creators, builders, designers, collectors, and investors of digital art.
Cultivate. Connection.
Innovate with Creativity
NFTs should not solely exist as a speculative asset, they should also serve a purpose that provides tangible value for both the creator and the collector. Foster enables creators to leverage NFTs to offer gated access and experiences that empower them to build an engaged community.
Promote Talent
Artists are the heartbeat of human experiences, and their creations deserve to be seen by the world. As a platform that supports creators of all mediums, Foster aims to set a new standard in the ways in which creative talent is promoted and celebrated.
Embrace Blockchain
Product Roadmap

Discover a broad array of digital artists and collect your favorite artworks.

Mint and showcase your NFTs without any gas fees.

Securely store, manage and publish your unique collections of digital art.

Sell your artwork as an NFT for a fixed-price, or via auction to the highest bidder.

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Cast your artworks using smart home integration features on Foster iOS, Apple TV and Android apps.

Enjoy a more vivifying and personalized digital art experience.

Curate playlists of your artworks for any setting or aesthetic preference.

Easily pair your NFT wallet and manage your digital canvas.

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Experience a subscription service for all artists and art lovers.

Stream all artworks on Foster for a fixed monthly price.

Curate unlimited playlists for every mood and occasion.

Enjoy new creator tools that offer distributed reward and revenue sharing for artists contributing to the ledger.

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Digital Art Meets Utility
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LIFT is the utility token powering the world's first subscription-based NFT streaming protocol.

Revenue Share

Foster protocol utilizes a distributed revenue sharing model to incentivize ecosystem contributors. Artists earn a claim on LIFT token issuance based on the marketplace streams they generate.

Marketplace Governance

LIFT token custodians can vote on protocol provisions and the allocation of funds and resources. Stakeholders automatically receive governance weight on a 1 token, 1 vote basis.

Value-Added Services

LIFT token is the medium used to exchange value on Foster Marketplace and will serve as collateral to unlock access to exclusive features and value-added services.

Deflationary Tokenomics

If there’s an excessive supply of LIFT flowing in the market, a token burn mechanism will be used to increase scarcity of the token and trigger a price appreciation for the circulating supply.

Staking Rewards

Ecosystem participants can stake their LIFT tokens for increased reward rates, premium creator tools and discounted marketplace fees.

Core Team
Team member
Andrew Hanna

Co-Founder & CEO

Team member
Mike Enders

Co-Founder & CXO

Team member
John Wilson

Director of Marketing & Growth

Team member
Kartik Soneji

Core Solana Developer

Team member
Nicholas Klave

Full Stack Developer

Team member
Ace Barrett

CircusDAO Executive